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UE ed OGM - Il mais OGM 1507 deve essere coltivato perché approvato dall’EFSA in sei pareri consecutivi

Ecco qui, in risposta alla petizione  dice  il dottore che dobbiamo morire”.. Ovvero: il mais OGM 1507 deve essere coltivato perché approvato dall’EFSA in sei pareri positivi consecutivi. Guardate la lettera che segue e ditemi adesso secondo voi cosa si deve fare…. P.D’A.

Please find enclosed a letter adressed to Mr D’Arpini, duly signed by Ms D.Andre, Head of Unit for Biotechnogy, DG Health and Consumers, European Commission.
Best regards,
Nina Novak for Sarah Brown
Nina Novak
European Commission
Health and Consumers Directorate-General
Safety of the Food Chain
Rue Breydel 4
B232 4/4
B-1049 Brussels/Belgium
Dear Mr D’Arpini,
Subject: Pioneer 1507 – Maize – OGM – Petition Franceschetto e.a.
Thank you for your email of 16 February 2014 expressing your concerns regarding the cultivation of maize 1507. The Commissioner has asked that I, as the head of the unit responsible for GMOs, respond on his behalf.
You refer to the meeting of the General Affairs council on the 11 February 2014 during which a public debate was held on a proposal to authorise the Pioneer maize 1507.

However as you rightly note, a qualified majority (260 votes out of 352 votes), either for or against the authorisation, could not be reached during the meeting. The Council had the right, if it wanted to, to reject this request for authorisation but it did not. On the contrary, it allowed the deadline for a Council decision to elapse. Under the comitology
rules which apply in this case the Commission shall adopt the proposal in the absence of a qualified majority for or against the proposal.
I would like at this point to remind you that the European Union has in place what is considered to be the world’s strictest legislative framework on genetically modified organisms (GMOs). This legislation has been adopted by the European Parliament and the Council and as guardian of the Treaties the Commission has to ensure its correct implementation. In this regard the Commission has to follow the procedure provided for in Directive 2001/18/EC regarding applications for the deliberate release of genetically modified organisms including the assessment of notifications for renewal of consent and ensure that a decision is taken on each submitted application; this includes the application submitted by Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc. and Mycogen Seeds for maize 1507 in 2001.

The authorisation request for the cultivation of maize 1507 has been pending for thirteen years and has received six positive opinions from EFSA. According to the procedural rules agreed to by the Council and the European Parliament, in such cases (as described above) the Commission shall adopt the proposal.
Yours sincerely,
Dorothée André
Head of Unit
To: Mr D’Arpini Paolo


La mia replica è stata: 
"Gentile Nina Novak, grazie per avermi scritto.  Mi permetto di dissentire dalle conclusioni da Lei, a nome della Commissione, evidenziate.  Il mais 1507 è stato nettamente bocciato sia dal Parlamento Europeo che dal Consiglio europeo, perciò DEVE ESSERE BOCCIATO ANCHE DALLA COMMISSIONE.  Non esiste altra scelta eticamente e democraticamente possibile.  Chi va in altra direzione può stare certo che, un giorno,  ne pagherà le conseguenze morali e politiche." (Paolo D'Arpini)

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