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Lay Spirituality and Reality... Are We Really Aware What We want to Know/Understand?

"When the cat is away, the rats dance..." (Saul Arpino)
... Let me try to clarify about the reality itself so that "unnecessary/unwarranted" "discussion/ argument/interaction" may be avoided.
When we talk about reality we have various perceptions of our own based on the experiences accumulated till the moment.
But all those perceptions can be divided into two categories.
1. Practical Reality - We are the body and mind which is evident from our symptomatic behaviours. This cannot be avoided at any cost as they are necessary for smooth functioning in the society. This is based upon the experiences gained with the help of sense organs and the so called mind too. They do have their utility values and cannot be brushed aside.
2. The background reality (In a sense this is practical too) - There are many things working in the background about which normally we are not aware of and perhaps can never be known directly . Only possibility is to draw inferences after thorough investigation and analysis taking the evidences (which may be available) into account. For example the atomic particles, various microwaves (TV signals, mobile signals, other radio signals known and unknown both) are although not perceived by us but their existence can be inferred/proved by their effects.
Beyond category:
But the problem with the existence of "abstracts concepts" represented by the word God or any such words is that they can never be infered/proved like waves, atomic particles, and all.
Only inferences / guesswork can be made.
All of us just try to draw inferences about these abstract concepts and try to explain them logically with or without some evidences which ultimately may or may not be true.
"But the inference which is most logical and scientific and has maximum no. of evidences in its support, is going to be accepted by all the open minded persons."
Thus the wheel of discussion goes on for eternity.
In these groups or for that matter in real world too what is happening is that we are mixing these both and go on lingering the discussion.
If in the initial stage itself we remain aware of this reality (factual position--what we are looking for) then perhaps more fruitful inferences can be drawn.
The mind is always interested outside (including fiction/imagination) simply because it is made up of outside stuff ; hence it gets energy from its source (outside) to continued survival.

The mind (not working mind) being luxury needs as much energy as possible.

And the source of this excess energy is available only in abstract things (words) like God/Enlightenment etc. related to the so called spirituality and religion.

This gets hardly any energy from the "FACTS" (understood /clarified /doubtless/ truth) which is just sufficient for its survival not for luxurious survival.
Nisarga Raman

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